Insurance Concerns

There are numerous reasons why an appraisal for insurance functions might be required. Often times on your local news you may here about somebody’s house catching on fire. This is a sad situation and often times what makes it even worse is over the years as the home appreciates in value, sometimes your insurance coverage has not. This is not an isolated occurrence; we have seen this too many times when a property owner is not keeping up with increasing their insurance coverage as the value of their home increases. Numerous disasters can befall a dwelling, anywhere from fire, flood, tornado, trees falling and the list is tiring. These are just a couple of factors a property owner ought to keep in mind when considering the value of their property and their insurance protection.

In addition, insurance protection appraisals should:


  1. Attest to the fact that you are in possession of the property.
  2. Plainly explain and value the property.
  3. Support conclusions with evidence based on market study and accepted concepts of appraisal.
  4. Estimate the value of your home– not its price. Rate and value are not constantly the same.
  5. Be up-to-date, as markets do rise and fall gradually.

If you need an appraisal on your property for any insurance reasons, whether it will be a current, retrospective or future value of your property please feel free to give us a call. With over 29 years of experience in our coverage areas you can count on us to serve all of your appraisal needs.